ITS2020 Conference – Day 3

10:00-12:30Session 9
Session Chair: Dr. Akrivi Krouska

Ioannis Drivas, Georgios Giannakopoulos and Damianos Sakas
#73:Learning Analytics in Big Data Era. A Novel Method for Exploration, Validation & Predictive Model Development (Po)

George Meletiou, Cleo Sgouropoulou and Christos Skourlas
#76: Quality Assurance in Higher Education: The role of students (Po)

Laurentiu-Marian Neagu, Eric Rigaud, Sebastien Travadel, Mihai Dascalu and Razvan Rughinis
#58: Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Psychomotor Training – A Systematic Literature Review (SP)

Sonia Palha, Anders Bouwer, Bert Bredeweg and Siard Keulen
#61:Self-construction and interactive animations to support the learning of drawing graphs and reasoning in mathematics (SP)

Konstantinos Malliaridis, Stefanos Ougiaroglou and Dimitris Dervos
#62: WebApriori: A web application for association rules mining (SP)

Christos Troussas, Akrivi Krouska and Cleo Sgouropoulou
#39: Dynamic detection of learning modalities using fuzzy logic in students’ interaction activities (SP)

Nouf Almujally and Mike Joy
#66: Towards a Template-Driven Approach to Documenting Teaching Practices (Po)

Nouf Almujally and Mike Joy
#69: A Knowledge Sharing System Architecture for Higher Education Institutions (SP)
13:00-14:15Session 10
Session Chair: Dr. Christos Troussas

Damien Fleur, Wouter van den Bos and Bert Bredeweg
#74: Learning Analytics Dashboard for Motivation and Performance (SP)

Bogdan Vajdea, Aurelia Ciupe, Bogdan Orza and Serban Meza
#75: Educational Driving through Intelligent Traffic Simulation (SP)

Geng Sun
#80: Evolutionary Learner Profile Optimization using Rare and Negative Association Rules for Micro Open Learning (SP)

Reva Freedman, Ben Kluga, Dean Labarbera, Zachary Hueneke and Virginia Naples
#70: Reducing Cognitive Load for Anatomy Students with a Multimodal ITS Platform (Po)
14:45-18:15Session 11
Session Chair: Dr. Maria Tzelepi

Ahmed Alamri, Zhongtian Sun, Alexandra Cristea, Gautham Senthilnathan, Craig Stewart and Shi Lei
#60: Is MOOC Learning Different from Dropout Learners? A visually-driven, multi-granularity approach (FP)

Avraam Chatzopoulos, Michail Papoutsidakis, Michail Kalogiannakis and Sarantos Psycharis
#21: Innovative Robot for Educational Robotics and STEM (FP)

Gabriel Badea and Elvira Popescu
#22: Supporting Students by Integrating an Open Learner Model in a Peer Assessment Platform (FP)

Martin Sandberg, Johannes Rehm, Matej Mnoucek, Odd Erik Gundersen and Irina Reshodko
#23: Explaining Traffic Situations – Architecture of a Virtual Driving Instructor (FP)

Jean-Philippe Corbeil, Michel Gagnon and Philippe R. Richard
#19: Probabilistic Approaches to Detect Blocking States in Intelligent Tutoring System (FP)

Lei Shi, Alexandra Cristea, Armando Maciel Toda and Wilk Oliveira
#11: Exploring Navigation Styles in a FutureLearn MOOC (FP)

Tianshu Li, Imène Jraidi, Alejandra Ruiz Segura, Leo Holton and Susanne Lajoie
#8: Developing a Multimodal Affect Assessment for Aviation Training (FP)

18:15-18:55Dimitris Koutsanastasis, Eva Angelopoulou - Data & AI Specialists Microsoft Greece, Cyprus & Malta
Microsoft AI in Education

Recorded Presentation
18:55-19:20Dr. Vivekanandan Kumar (ITS2020 Program Chair) - Best Paper/Poster Awards
Dr. Christos Troussas (ITS2020 Program Chair) - Institute of Intelligent Systems's new conference (NiDS)
Dr. Claude Frasson (President of the ITS Steering Committee) - Closing Statements; ITS2020 Follow-up
Recording of ITS2020 Closing Speech
Dr. Kitty Panourgia (ITS Organization Chair) - Closing Statements

End of ITS2020 Conference