A. Conference Registration

Authors registration: April 3 – April 20 , 2020
Participants registration: April 3 – June 10, 2020

General Information on Registration

  • All dates refer to the Pacific Time Zone
  • All costs refer to Euros (€).
  • Registration will not be completed until payment is processed and confirmed.

 Registration Categories

A.1 Authors’ Registration: At least one author of each accepted full paper/short paper/poster must register until April 20, 2020, the latest, so that their accepted submission appears in the Conference Proceedings, published by Springer.

The fee for authors’ registration is 390 €. 

  1. If you are the “registering author” for a full paper/short paper/ poster, please put its ID in the corresponding field of the registration form so that your accepted submission is included in the Springer’s proceedings.
  2. If the only author registering for the conference is a student, the full regular registration fee (390 €) should be paid.
  3. Co-authors of registered papers can attend online the conference free of charge. No registration is required through the ITS 2020 registration platform. However, co-authors intending to get the free-access, need to send an email to  with their Name & Surname, Affiliation and ID of registered paper, for the documentation of participants details.
  4. Authors of two accepted papers, need to register for each paper separately. The fee for the 2nd paper is reduced to 310 €. For more than two accepted papers, the fee is full for odd-numbered papers (390 €) and reduced for even-numbered papers (310 €). That is:
  • 1st paper: Full Author’s registration (390 €);
  • 2nd paper: Reduced Author’s registration (310 €);
  • 3rd paper: Full Author’s registration (390 €);
  • 4th paper: Reduced Author’s registration (310 €); and so on.

In case of multiple papers registration, any of the co-authors of the paper can register as the registering Author.


A.2 Participants Registration: Students, researchers and all other individuals interested in attending online the ITS 2020 Conference, who do not need to register as Authors or Co-authors, have to register as Participants, at a fee of 90 €.


ITS2020 Authors Registration
1st,3rd,5th,… Paper/Poster390 €
2nd,4th,6th ,… Paper/Poster310 €
ITS2020 Participants Registration
Standard Registration 90 €

All fees include participation in the Conference & Springer’s e-licenses for the Proceedings.


B. Selected Workshops and Tutorial Registration

Participation in all workshops & tutorials of ITS2020 is free for all registered “Authors” and “Participants”. Registration is required through the ITS2020 registration platform for the documentation of participants details.

C. Reduction of 10% at next ITS Conference

All registered authors for ITS2020 can attend the ITS2021 conference at 10% reduced conference fee for authors or participants. ITS2021 Conference fees will be determined at the time of the Conference and appear at the ITS2021 Conference website.

D. Free of charge online participation at BFAL2020 Conference

All registered authors for ITS2020, if interested,  can attend online the BFAL2020 conference, free of charge. In the case of physical participation in the BFAL2020 Conference, a reduced attendance fee by 50% will be applied. This reduction does not apply to ITS2020 authors who have papers in BFAL2020 conference. These authors should pay the full BFAL2020 conference fee for authors.


Registration & Payment Options

  • Credit / Debit
  • Bank Transfer to: NEOANALYSIS EPE            VAT: EL999288673

Account No.: 369-00-2320-001175
IBAN: GR59 0140 3690 3690 0232 0001 175
SWIFT: CRBAGRAAXXX Banking Institution: Alpha Bank (Greece)
Branch: Alpha Bank 104, Vathis Sq., Athens/Greece


You will have to submit your details in the registration form. Registration will not be completed until payment is processed and confirmed. You will view the deposit instructions during checkout. After your bank deposit has been successfully verified, you will receive a confirmation and you will be successfully registered.

Registration Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Authors whose papers are to be published cannot cancel their registration but may nominate an alternative person to present their paper.

All other Participants receive a 40% refund on cancellation, until April 20, 2020, and a 20% refund on cancellation until June 1, 2020. There will be no refund after June 1, 2020.

A 10 € processing fee will be assessed for all refunds of the main Conference.

A certificate of participation in ITS2020 will be sent, via email, after the end of the ITS2020 Conference, to ALL REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS.

For any question regarding registration please contact us.