Instructions for Posters

The ITS2020 Conference invites posters and interactive events submissions. Posters will be presented online during the ITS2020 Conference in an interactive way. Poster presentations will be held during the regular course of the ITS2020 Conference, allowing researchers and developers to showcase and demo their innovative systems to the ITS conference attendees.

Information on the Submission of Posters

All poster submissions must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. Only submissions in .pdf format will be accepted. All submissions should be in English, and should be four (4) pages.

Double Blind Evaluation during the ITS2020 Conference

In order to increase high quality papers and independent merit, the evaluation process of papers is double blind. All papers submitted for review MUST not contain the authors’ names, affiliations, or any information that may disclose the authors’ identity (this information is to be restored in the camera-ready version upon acceptance). Authors should replace names and affiliations with Xs on submitted papers. In particular, in the version submitted for review, they should avoid explicit auto-references, such as “in [1] we show” — consider “in [1] it is shown“; i.e. they may cite previous works, provided that they are not deducible from the text that the cited works belong to the authors. When citing their previous work, they should keep the names with Xs.

Poster Presentation

Authors of accepted posters are responsible for preparing an ONLINE PRESENTATION (powerpoint or else)  for the conference of 15′ duration including a 5′ Q&A online discussion with the conference participants.

  • Authors are required to send their presentation via email or shared link in Google Drive at
  • Poster presentations need to be sent until May 31, 2020.

All questions about submissions should be emailed to: