Instructions for Doctoral Consortium (DC)

The ITS2020 Doctoral Consortium (DC) is for PhD students to present and discuss their work during its early stages, meet peers who have related interests, and work with more senior members of the field (mentors).

The DC program  is open to all PhD students and invites submissions of papers with advisors or collaborators acknowledged appropriately, as co-authors or otherwise. Students are asked to honour the spirit of the program by submitting only work for which they are primary investigators. Students can submit papers for work reported in a regular paper submitted to ITS2020, but not for work that has already been published. A structured program will be provided, in which each student will be matched with a mentor, who will be encouraged to offer feedback and support to students as they prepare their presentations, during the Doctoral Consortium, and in at least one one-on-one meeting at the conference. The Consortium will be scheduled within the main conference program in order to encourage maximal community involvement.

Information on the DC program at the ITS2020 Conference

All submissions must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The following category is welcome:

DC papers – four (4) pages maximum

Only submissions in .pdf format will be accepted. All submissions should be in English.
All accepted submissions will appear in the electronic proceedings in Springers LNCS format.

Double Blind Evaluation during the ITS2020 Conference

In order to increase high quality papers and independent merit, the evaluation process of papers is double blind.
All papers submitted for review MUST not contain the authors’ names, affiliations, or any information that may disclose the authors’ identity (this information is to be restored in the camera-ready version upon acceptance).
Authors should replace names and affiliations with Xs on submitted papers. In particular, in the version submitted for review, they should avoid explicit auto-references, such as “in [1] we show” — consider “in [1] it is shown“; i.e. they may cite previous works, provided that they are not deducible from the text that the cited works belong to the authors. When citing their previous work, they should keep the names with Xs.

Step 1

Authors should download the LNCS template and formatting instructions from the Springer website.

Step 2

Authors should prepare and submit their full paper, short paper or poster in .pdf format, including an abstract, through EasyChair.

Login using your existing EasyChair account, or create a new account following the instructions on the site. (If you are not logged in as author, you may need to change your role to author. You may do so by selecting the menu item: ITS 2020 > Change Role. Your current role is always shown at the top of the EasyChair screen.)

Once logged in, select New Submission, and select “Doctoral Consortium” Follow the instructions on the submission screen to upload your 4-page paper in Springer LNCS format in PDF format. Be sure to fill out the abstract, keywords and topics. Please select the topics (you may select more than one) carefully, as the topics play a key role in the process of assigning reviewers. It is important that the topics you select on the submission screen in EasyChair accurately reflect the document’s content.

1. Four (4) pages maximum;
2. Written in English;
3. Must include an abstract;
4. In PDF format;
5. Submitted through EasyChair no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time;
6. Submitted to “Doctoral Consortium” track on EasyChair.

Please submit your paper through EasyChair by February 7, 2020, 11:59pm Pacific Time.

All questions about submissions should be emailed to